A plaque is usually an inscribed tablet or flat award that is presented oftentimes on a wall.  A plaque may commemorate an event or tragedy, it may honor an individual, or it may actually mark the special nature of the spot in which it is located.  Plaques are freqently given as an appreciation to a person or group, and sometimes as a championship award.  Baltimore Trophy House can meet all your needs for plaques, whether it is for:

  • Youth Sports Organizations
  • Professional Sports Leagues
  • Corporations
  • Small Businesses
  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Religious Institutions
  • Non-Profits

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame celebrates famous contributors to the entertainment industry, whether screen, stage, music or other.  They are brass and terrazzo plaques that list a famous actor, director, etc.  There are about 2700 stars spanning several blocks.  The Baseball Hall of Fame has the likeness of each of it’s inductees created on an individual bronze plaque.  This creates a dramatic and inspiring “hall of plaques”, where greatness seems to emanate from the walls.  Plaques can be very powerful in this way, creating a presence that connotates achievement and accomplishment.  There is probably no place where the importance of the plaque is felt more than the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  An extremely long black granite wall has names inscribed of U.S. servicemen who were killed in the Vietnam War and in southeast Asia.  

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Plaques are built to last.  They are generally sturdy, and here at Baltimore Trophy House, we have been providing plaques for organizations on the east coast for decades.  We are the most trusted and experienced trophy and awards business in Maryland.  You might like a plaque to commemorate a long and storied career for a retiring co-worker or boss.  Some sports leagues use plaques as an award for their championship teams or for the Most Valuable Player.  Churches can sometimes be completely filled with plaques.  They may mark a historical event that occurred at the church, or they may mention a generous donor.  Plaques can usually be etched or cast in almost any metal.  Marble, glass, stone, and wood could also be used.  Many companies like to use the polished wood plaque with either an inscribed black front or name plates attached when giving out President’s Club awards to dozens or hundreds of employees.  More and more, plaques are also used on homes or at the front of properties, naming the building, the farm, or what year the property was established.  

Baltimore Trophy House can handle all orders for plaques.  We have long time customers in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  Plaques are a fantastic award that can be fastened to a wall and presented in perpetuity, which is sometimes easier than finding space in a trophy case.

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