Baltimore Trophy House also has a long standing tradition of providing the highest quality medals for people who have attained truly great accomplishments.  We have created medals for organizations all over Maryland and the entire United States.  

In some regards, trophies are celebrations of championships, but medals are recognition of accomplishments.  Famous medals include Olympic gold medals, Nobel Peace Prize medals, and the Purple Heart medal.  The military presents a litany of distinguished medals to it’s honored members.  The Purple Heart has a profile of George Washington, and is given to US military members who have been hurt or killed in battle.  Made from copper and zinc, the medal is actually a form of brass.  The Olympic medals- gold, silver, and bronze, along with the “rings” logo, are probably the most enduring images of the Olympic Games.  You will quite often see Olympic champions jokingly bite their medals, to test if it is real gold.  The feeling of contentment and joy that washes over the faces of Nobel Prize winners when they have the medal placed over their head is tangible and vibrant.  The Nobel Prize medal has a profile of Alfred Nobel, they weigh 175 grams and are made of 18 carat recycled gold.  

Medals are great ideas for lifetime achievement awards, participation awards, even runners-up and retirement prizes.  They are also easier to store than trophies, if you are ordering a large amount.  Over the years, medals have been made from many, many different materials.  Usually they are meant to be worn over the neck if it signifies accomplishment or membership.  Baltimore Trophy House can meet all your needs for award medals or commemorative medals.  Baltimore Trophy House specializes in:

  • Medals
  • Trophies
  • Cups
  • Plaques
  • Acrylic Awards
  • Glass Awards
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Some medals are very large and aren’t able to be worn around the neck.  These medals may be displayed on a table or in a trophy case.  Many medals are made of durable metal or plastic and are stamped with dyes.  They can also be cast from a mould.  Also, medals don’t have to be circular, as a rectangular medal might be known as a plaquette.  Whatever your medal needs are, Baltimore Trophy House is the expert to reach out to.

Although medals have been made from rock, glass, wood, brass, aluminum, nickel, and copper (among many more materials), bronze has been a prominent material used in the creation of them.  The oldest known medals were given in the fourth century BC as honorary awards, and they were either gold or silver.  Later, medals were given as political gifts to try to sway influence.  Medals have also been created as fine art.  

Baltimore Trophy House has been inscribing medals for youth sports organizations, churches, school, corporations, and colleges for decades.  It is a great way to say thanks, or congratulations, or to just mark a task well accomplished.  Our list of happy clients is a mile long.  Please contact us today for your medal order, as we are beginning our busy season.  

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