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Baltimore Trophy House provides glass and acrylic awards, inscribed plaques, and many other types of awards and appreciative gifts for businesses of all sizes.  We work with hundreds of corporations and small businesses, as well as providing appreciation for sole proprietorships and partnerships that are smaller in size.  Over the past four and a half decades, Baltimore Trophy House has filled orders for employees, managers, executives, staff, and anyone who deserves a celebration of their contributions.  Maryland has a rich tradition of healthy businesses, non-profits, government contractors, and maritime, technology, and financial stalwarts.  Baltimore Trophy House provides many ways to say thank you to those who work for you or work with you:




Glass & Acrylic Awards


Large corporations and sales divisions often have President’s Club.  This may be the group of highest performing salespeople or other individuals with the company.  A glass or acrylic award commemorating each person’s production is one of the best ways to say thank you.  It works positively in many other ways as well.  An award is a tangible item that can motivate other employees also.  If one salesperson fell short of their quota, it may nudge them to produce more if they see a beautiful award being bestowed upon one of their counterparts.  It is also something that can perpetuate even more production.  A tall glass award sitting on a mantel or a bookshelf in an office can be a constant reminder of success and accomplishment.  

Another popular item that Baltimore Trophy House has provided over the years, is a plaque.  A plaque is a perfect way to honor someone that is retiring or has given many years of hard work to a company.  Some of the most astonishingly striking awards tend to be plaques of different varieties.  Plaques can be displayed not only on social media, but permanently in the hallways of the business.  Visitors and clients alike will be impressed with the display of victory and dignity.

Lately, there has been a big push to give gifts to cherished employees, instead of awards.  This trend can be a real problem, as you are guessing what people may like.  If you would like to give cash, of course, anyone would enjoy that.  However, the most lasting and honorary type of award would be a plaque or glass award that your trusted employee can display and admire. 

The Bennett family has partnered with many of Baltimore and Maryland’s most emulated companies, sharing in the hopes, dreams, and successes of commerce.  The people of the region enjoy being appreciated for all the hard work they put in.  The best way to mark success is a corporate or business award from Baltimore Trophy House.  At Baltimore Trophy House, everybody deserves to celebrate.


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